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Mindi Miller Event ** From Colin Paul **

Friday, July 22nd, 2016

** From The Desk Of Colin Paul **

GreenRoom (3)

What an amazing weekend! After two great nights at the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool for the Second To None – Yesterday Once More ’60s event, Sarahlea and I set off to Worthing for day two of a great Essential Elvis UK event.

After arriving early Andrew Hearn invited us to his house for coffee and toast and a catch-up with his family and my old pal, Andy Jones. We soon headed off to the Warren Ballroom where we were greeted by Elvis fans from over the UK and Europe. Once inside we were met by Shayne Driscoll and his wife Karen, and we were soon set up and raring to go. It was so good to see so many friends from Elvis Week at Hemsby and Memphis, including Jenny, Glenn, Paul, Alissa, Maureen, Sandra, Lynn and Margaret Dewick from The Billy Fury Fan Club. Great also to see my old mate Dave Richards and his family, and so many more. I appreciate you all coming out to see my show.

Before the show we met the very wonderful Mindi Miller, whose love for Elvis and his fans really shines through. She is an absolute delight and we really enjoyed her company. I know I missed some great fun the night before where Mindi chatted about her time with Elvis and her life. I look forward to the DVD when it’s released.

It was soon time to hit the stage with my gospel show. I really enjoy singing Elvis’ gospel songs, and I hope you all enjoyed it too. After a short break it was time to hit the stage again with Shayne to pay our tribute to Scotty Moore. It was so nice to perform the early songs of Elvis and Scotty. I’ve got say that Shayne is an excellent guitarist and he has a great voice, too. Thanks mate, really glad that you suggest this.

After the event, and as the evening approached, Andrew took us to his favourite Indian restaurant where we enjoyed the company of the EE:UK team, including Jess, Steve and Dawn – Mindi also joined us. The food was wonderful and the company rounded off the day perfectly.

On a personal note, a special thanks to Andrew Hearn for his great hospitality. All I can say is, When is the next one!? I love my job, and I am so lucky to work with like-minded people who go all out to make everybody happy.

Essential Elvis UK really is a great organisation and if your not a subscriber to The Elvis Mag, why not? It really is that good, I promise.

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A Year In Review

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015


As we approach Christmas and the end of the year, I have been thinking about all the great things that EE:UK have enjoyed sharing with you guys in 2015. The last twelve months have been extremely successful and credible for us as a company and Elvis’ legacy has had a pretty good year too, thanks to the support we have all shown as fans.

Along with four bumper issues of our 76-page, glossy magazine, we have distributed many thousands of parcels, packages and boxes to fans all over the word. We have helped to spread Elvis’ music to a huge number of homes worldwide, and placed more books, box sets and DVDs onto shelves than any other Elvis supplier.

EE:UK did not only promote mainstream albums, we sold them to do our bit for chart success. With the backing of Sony Music we pushed the ‘If I Can Dream’ release with belief and determination, and were responsible for several hundred units through the pages of our magazine and via our website shop.

For almost 12 months we have worked closely with the wonderful team at the ‘Elvis At The O2′ exhibition in London, helping to keep fans aware and updated on what they can see and enjoy there. In addition, we have organised four very successful VIP events at the exhibition with special guests and added attractions, and arranged for celebrity Elvis fans (including comedians Frank Skinner and Tim Vine) to attend. We have accompanied Elvis’ closest friends and family to the exhibition and have been honored to be there with them reminiscing about the treasures on display.

Hundreds of fans have enjoyed many super events up and down the country, put together by EE:UK exclusively. We have flown over several high profile guests from the USA and offered the chance to meet those who were part of Elvis’ incredible life. Fans have enjoyed meeting Bill ‘Superfoot’ Wallace, Elvis’ private nurse, Tish Henley, and even close family in the form of first cousin, Wayne Mann.

In the Summer we flew in Red West, along with his wife, Pat. We all enjoyed a very classy night in London’s Canary Wharf listening to stories and enjoying the company of those that were there with the King from the beginning. The feedback from the 250+ fans in attendance has been truly phenomenal and this particular event is one that myself and the team are truly proud to have put together for everyone to remember with fondness.

We finished the year with a unbelievable achievement back the ‘Elvis At The O2′ with the launch of the ‘If I Can Dream’ album. EE:UK put together an stunning night with the acclaimed producers, big names from the music industry, a special cake and bubbly. But, of course, the biggest surprise of 2015 was the attendance of Priscilla Presley herself. Myself, the exhibition staff, and everyone who worked so hard staging the event, are all still incredibly proud of this particular night, and we always will be. The album has been a huge success, and is at #2 over Christmas. What a great way to end a superb year.

Essential Elvis UK simply exploded with wonderful things in 2015. It was, without doubt, our most successful year ever. But, I can’t take all the credit. The magazine, which is enjoying record subscription figures, is only as strong as it’s contributors. We have the very best researchers and historians, and this is why it’s the #1 Elvis publication. My thanks to all of the guys who give up their time to be a part of it. You really are the best in the business.

I also have a hardworking team responsible for the events. A handful of dedicated fans that are trusted and relied upon to TCB for me, and for you. Again, we have some of the most professional and capable in the business behind EE:UK events.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you guys – Elvis’ loyal fans. We wouldn’t be unable to do what we do without your support. Elvis’ legacy and his memory is as strong today as it ever was. The album, the exhibition, the events, the magazine, are only successful because you are behind everything that is positive in regards to our hero. Again, you guys are the best.

I’ve no idea how to top what we have done this year, but I give you my word that if you stick with Essential Elvis UK in 2016, I will do all I can to make it a brilliant year. We will continue to serve professionally, and the magazine with get bigger and better – So, make sure you keep your subscriptions up to date. lol

Merry Christmas, and please have a safe and peaceful start to the New Year.

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