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Billy Smith To Attend EE:UK Event During Elvis Week


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We have listened and taken on board (no, that’s the other event lol) your suggestions and requests for Elvis Week 2017, and this is something we know many of you will be delighted with.

It’s no secret that apart from Elvis’ own parents and daughter, Billy Smith was the closest to the King. Even those considered to be the biggest names in the Elvis story will tell you that it was Billy that Elvis adored the most.

Elvis virtually raised Billy, and there is nobody quite like him to share such fantastic first-hand stories, from the early days in Tupelo to those final years at Graceland.

Billy has agreed to join Essential Elvis UK in an EXCLUSIVE event during the afternoon of August 15th at the former home of his uncle and Elvis’ father, Vernon Presley. This will be Billy’s ONLY public appearance for EW17, so if you’d like to see him in person this is your only guaranteed opportunity. You’ll get the chance to meet Billy, have a photo with him and obtain a sign 8×10 – arranged for you by EE:UK.

We will announce a price and details on how to obtain tickets very soon. For now, we wanted to let you know what we have planned so you could get it put into your busy schedule.

Please note that this event is COMPLIMENTARY for those travelling with Arena Travel / EE:UK. We aim to make your holiday with us as memorable as we can – for all the RIGHT reasons!

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