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Roustabout (FTD)


A staggering 53 years after the albums original release, FTD is pleased to announce the long awaited ‘Classic Album’ version of Roustabout. Reaching #1 on Billboard in February 1965, it was Elvis’ last chart topping album until Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite in 1973. Packaged in 7” format with a full colour 16-page memorabilia booklet, it contains previously unreleased material and the recently discovered I’m A Roustabout track.

THE ORIGINAL ALBUM: SIDE 1: Roustabout / Little Egypt / Poison Ivy League / Hard Knocks / It’s A Wonderful World / Big Love, Big Heartache. THE ORIGINAL ALBUM: SIDE 2: One Track Heart / It’s Carnival Time / Carny Town / There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon / Wheels On My Heels. BONUS TRACK: I’m A Roustabout  (take 10/M). OUTTAKES AND REMIXED MASTERS: Little Egypt  (AO take 15/M, record version) / Little Egypt  (revised, AO take 21, part used for movie version) / Poison Ivy League (BO take 7/M) / Hard Knocks  (CO take 11/M, record version) / Hard Knocks  (COV take 4, movie version)* / Its A Wonderful World (DO take 13/M) / It’s A Wonderful World (DO take 17, instrumental)* / Big Love, Big Heartache (EO take 17/M) / One Track Heart  (FO take 5/M) / It’s Carnival Time  (HO take 2/HOV take 9/M, record version) / It’s Carnival Time  (HO take 2/HOV take 12, movie version)* / Carny Town (JO take 9/M) / There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon (KO take 5/M) / Wheels On My Heels (LO take 7/M) / Roustabout (NOV takes 1-5*, 6) / Roustabout (NOV takes 7*, 8) / Roustabout (NOV take 9, movie version)* / Roustabout (NOV takes 10-12)* / Roustabout (NOV take 13)* / Roustabout (NOV takes 14-16)* / Roustabout (NOV take 17/M, record version).

* = Previously unreleased

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