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Elvis On Tour Exhibition At London’s O2


This afternoon Essential Elvis UK took a look at the new Elvis On Tour exhibition at London’s O2.

Although there’s clearly a little room for improvement on how the items are displayed, along with some finishing touches, there are some great things to look forward to, including a superb audio guide that we’d say may take a good couple of hours to listen to.

For those that are puzzled by the joint exhibition with Prince, EPE are working with Paisley Park to help promote Prince in the same way that they have done for Elvis at the request of his estate.

The staff at the exhibition are amazing (familiar with us after we worked so closely with the same team previously). These guys are extremely professional and really love what they do. We know this first hand because of our joint EE:UK / O2 events and album launch in 2015.

Thank-you to the Operations Manager, Steve Bright, for arranging a very special private tour today. The VIP treatment was truly appreciated. And a big thank-you to the extremely lovely Duty Manager, Candice Copley. You guys are very much appreciated by us all here at Essential Elvis UK.


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