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We Made It – Issue 100 Coming Next!!!


We are in the process of mailing out issue #99 to all those subscribers worldwide. We certainly don’t let the grass grow under our feet here at Essential Elvis UK and simultaneously we are also working on our big 100th issue!!!

Since 1993 we have been producing a wonderful publication that is extremely positive and uplifting when it comes to Elvis’ image and legacy. What we produce is a factual look at the life and career of the biggest music icon of all time. Over the years we’ve printed many first-time EXCLUSIVE interviews with those considered to be almost untouchable. Before Facebook and social media we tracked down and chatted to the biggest names in the Elvis story – we even interviewed Lisa Marie!!!

This is our magazine. We write it, we design it, we print it, and we control it. This we have been doing for 100 issues now. With the help and support of a superb team of historians, researchers and writers, we offer the very best when it comes to Elvis publications. I’m very proud to have achieved this for Elvis. His legacy is important to us, and making sure he is remembered positively is our goal.

In addition, we take great pleasure in knowing that our magazine makes you happy. It’s read by thousands of loyal fans each year, and we know you enjoy it. How? The subscription figures speak for themselves. Elvis is still the King, and you want to read about him. So, we make it our job to provide that service in a way that we feel he would have appreciated. We are working on his behalf.

Thank-you so much for supporting us, and for your undying devotion to Elvis Presley. We will do our very best to continue with what we do for as long as we can. Here’s to another 100 copies of the UK’s brightest Elvis Presley publication.


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