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Elvis Summer Festival – Spliced Takes Special


They did it again! Another great album in this fine series, containing some very rare tracks from the That’s the Way It Is era.

This time some amazing splices were made from some of the rehearsals for the actual movie, since they were for rehearsal purposes the actual listening pleasure is missing in some way, because of the many breaks and repeating parts… until now!!

Next to the rehearsals, excellent studio splices are also included as well as a great live version of Just Pretend with reprise!

Fans of the series know what to expect, and will not be disappointed with this new release!


I Just Can’t Help Believing (July 24th rehearsal) / Twenty Days and Twenty Nights (July 14th rehearsal) / How the Web Was Woven (Alternate Master)* / Patch It Up (Spliced takes 2, 7 & 1) / Mary In The Morning (July 24th rehearsal) / You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me (August 4th rehearsal) / You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ (July 24th rehearsal – funny version) / I’ve Lost You (August 10th rehearsal) / Just Pretend (Live – August 11th/12th – with reprise) / Stranger In The Crowd (July 24th rehearsal) / The Next Step Is Love (Spliced takes 2 and 6) / Bridge Over Troubled Water (July 24th rehearsal)

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