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Wonderful Winter Wonderland


This ‘spliced take special’ is another winner in the great series, and needs no further introduction, but one thing the producers do want to mention is the newly created ‘harmony’ version of The Wonderful World Of Christmas. Although there are no outtakes available, the CMT team have managed to make a very different sounding track where even the vocal ending is far different than the master take. Also just wait until you hear the newly overdubbed version of Merry Christmas, Baby, which has been re-created from three different overdub versions.

All the other tracks are spliced very well, with longer intro’s and great edits.


O Come, All Ye Faithful (Spliced take 2 – Alternate edit) / The First Noel (Spliced dubbed / Overdubbed) / On A Snowy Christmas Night (Spliced dubbed / Overdubbed / Winter Wonderland (Alternate Master) / The Wonderful World of Christmas (Spliced ‘Harmony’ master) / It Won’t Seem Like Christmas (Spliced takes 4, 5, 6 & 5) / I’ll Be Home on Christmas Day (Spliced takes 2 & 3) / If I Get Home On Christmas Day (FS Spliced takes 1, 3, 1 & 3) / Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees (Spliced takes 6, 8 & 3) / Merry Christmas, Baby (Spliced overdubbed master) / Silver Bells (Spliced Rehearsal / Take 1) / I’ll Be Home on Christmas Day (Remake – Spliced takes 1, 1 & 2)

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