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That’s Someone You’ll Never Forget


Here’s twenty-five tracks from the early ’60s! Including complete masters as recorded in the studio with studio banter and even some false starts and alternate takes. All in very good sound!

As a special bonus there’s a rare and strange interview from the ’60s with the Colonel by the Canadian disc jockey, Red Robinson

Includes a booklet with photos and recording information, and limited to just 500 copies worldwide


01. There’s Always Me (take 3LFS & master take 10)

02. Good Luck Charm (master take 4)

03. I’m Coming Home (take 6FS+FS & master take 7)

04. (Such An) Easy Question (master take 5)

05. I Want You With Me (tryout & master take 3)

06. I Met Her Today (take 2FS+LFS & 3FS)

07. It’s A Sin (take 3FS & master take 4)

08. I Feel So Bad (master take 2)

09. Judy (master take 8)

10. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow (master take 7FS+Comp)

11. Just For Old Time Sake (master take 5)

12. Gently (master take 5FS+Comp)

13. Put The Blame On Me (take 3FS, 4FS & master take 5)

14. That’s Someone You Never Forget

(take 2FS, 3FS, 4FS+LFS & 6FS+FS)

15. Sentimental Me (master take 2 FS+Comp)

16. I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (master take 5)

17. Something Blue (master take 7)

18. Starting Today (master take 3FS & Comp)

19. I Met Her Today (take 7)

20. Suspicion (take 4LFS)

21. Anything That’s Part Of You (take 6FS+FS, 7FS & 8FS+Comp)

22. For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 6)

23. Love Me Tonight (take 7FS & count-in take 8)

24. I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever (take 2)

25. Red Robinson calls the Colonel (a conversation with the Colonel)

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