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February, 1970 – On Stage – The Alternate Recordings (Red Vinyl – Extremely Limited Edition)


Featuring alternate recordings from February 1970. The first six selections are soundboard recordings, all other selections are fan audience recordings. All performances have been remastered

This is an extreme limited edition, so order fast before it’s sold out!



Polk Salad Annie (February 16th 1970 DS)

Buzzing Bees And Bacon (monologue - February 19th 1970 DS)

I can’t Stop Loving You (February 19th 1970 DS)

Don’t Cry Daddy (February 19th 1970 DS)

Walk A Mile In My Shoes (February 19th 1970 DS)

Let It Me Me (February 19th 1970 DS)

CC Rider (February 5th 1970 DS)


Kentucky Rain (February 3rd 1970 DS)

In The Ghetto (February 5th 1970 DS)

Teddy Bear / Don’t Be Cruel (February 5th 1970 DS)

Let It Be Me (February 3rd 1970 dinner show)

Introduction Of Roy Orbison (February 22nd 1970 MS)

When The Swallows Come Back at Capistrano (One line - February 5th 1970 DS)

Suspicious Minds (February 20th 1970 MS)

All selections recorded live in the Main Showroom at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

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