Elvis It Happened At The Worthing Fair

To continue of with the celebrations of Elvis' legacy during the 40th year since his passing in 1977, Essential Elvis UK have just announced their third exciting event of the year.


A wonderful evening celebrating all things Rock 'n' Roll with the largest Elvis Presley organisation in the UK. Come along and enjoy a movie and footage on a huge screen and be amazed by our live entertainment - two of the best loved singers in the business - Colin Paul and Shayne Driscoll.


There will be a mouth-watering hog roast and plenty of outdoors fun as we spill out into the warm summer sunshine.

There will also be a large all-Elvis collectors fair with thousands of CDs, books, boxsets and DVDs to browse, and there will be some wonderful prizes to be won.


Stay cool with a fully licensed bar and spend a great time with fellow friends and Elvis fans in Worthing - a wonderful seaside town. Make a days of it, or even a weekend. You'll absolutely love it here!


If you need help with directions, hotels and / or B&Bs please email or call.


600 FREE parking spaces!!!


Under 12s go free.






Saturday 22nd July


£15.00 Per Person
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A Unique VIP Cruise event on the Mississippi River.


The big wheels keep on turning here at Essential Elvis UK with news of another unbelievable event to look forward during Elvis Week in Memphis. We have joined forces with the folks at Arena Travel to bring you something very exciting this August that we know you are just gonna love. Let us tell you more...


Believe it or not, we have gone ahead and chartered our very own riverboat exclusively for a wonderful cruise along the mighty Mississippi river. Join us for this very cool afternoon of fantastic Elvis music, amazing guests, delicious snacks and unlimited soft drinks as we take in the sights and sounds of Memphis from a very different angle.




We are all bursting to tell you that we have not one, but three very special guests on board - and we mean special. Have you ever wondered what it was like to be Elvis' girlfriend? Perhaps you'd like to find out first-hand what it was like to share romantic times at Graceland, on tour or in Las Vegas. We are giving you the opportunity to meet three of Elvis' former girlfriends on our cruise.

Incredibly, these young ladies have never attended Elvis Week before, and we are delighted to host them all for the very first time. Please, do not miss the the very rare chance to meet them all together in once place. This really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us all.




Diana Goodman

Elvis' third tour of 1975 began in July and there to accompany him was the reigning Miss Georgia USA, Diana Goodman. Elvis called Diana personally to ask her to join the tour and he arranged for her to fly out to meet him in style on his private Lear jet. They had met at Graceland a short time earlier when Diana was invited to the Memphian Theater to watch movies with Elvis and the guys. The funny, curvaceous blonde can be seen with Elvis in several photographs taken on July 19th 1975 as they rode in his limousine to and from his concerts in Uniondale, New York. Of their first meeting Diana recalls, "Of course, the entire world was his stage. He literally took my breath away!"


Mindi Miller

Elvis dated model / actress Mindi Miller in the spring of 1975 and she accompanied him on the first leg of his tour in April, which consisted mainly of cities in Florida and the Southern states. They had a lot in common, including a love of all kinds of religions, the art of karate and numerology, often reading and spending hours talking about the subject. Mindi stayed in touch with Elvis for the rest of his life and he enjoyed her uplifting personality and wit. "Elvis was the most caring, unselfish soul I've ever met in my life." Mindi says. "He was a Southern gent in every way."


Ann Pennington

During Elvis' January / February 1974 engagement in Las Vegas he became acquainted with 23-year-old Ann Pennington, a model / actress and future Playboy Playmate who lived in LA. They shared the same Beverly Hills dentist, Max Shapiro, who telephoned Ann to set up the initial meeting. The pair had met previously at Elvis' home in California and from the beginning he found the soulful Ann, with her big, expressive eyes, easy to be around. “There was an awful lot of feeling there.” she says of the year-long relationship. “My experience with Elvis was nothing but fun and sweetness.”




Your VIP ticket will include everything mentioned above, and as an extra bonus we will include a complimentary 8x10 photograph of each of our guests as a souvenir of your afternoon. All three ladies are delighted to be able to personally autograph their gift for you, and we know that they are really looking forward to meeting fans from around the world.

Tickets are on sale now by calling 01473 660 800 (overseas 0011 44 1473 660 800) during office hours. Online ticket sales will commence tomorrow (March 15th) as webmasters for both Essential Elvis UK and Arena Travel are spending today setting up a safe and secure page to enable you to purchase. We accept all major credit / debit cards, and please book ASAP as we know that the limited amount of allocated tickets will sell out very fast.





14th August


£80.00 Per Person
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A Unique Ten Hour EW17 Event In Memphis With Incredible Guests!


This event is sure to be one of the very best for EW17 with so much going on under one very special roof. The location itself is worth the ticket price alone as it's the former home of Elvis' father situated just yards away from Graceland. Vernon Presley owned the home from 1964, and Elvis himself often frequented this abode throughout the years. There's a unique view of Graceland from over the white picket fence and the barn is particularly close, with horses just a few feet away. Each year, during the night of August 15th, fans can be seen paying their respects to Elvis and his family at the Meditation Garden during the candlelight vigil. It's an experience that's very special, and witnessing it from Vernon's back yard is something that stays with you forever.


During this event you will be free to enjoy the ground floor of this house, along with it's grounds (upstairs will be closed to visitors, as it is at Graceland). Sit in Vernon's kitchen and enjoy some snacks, or relax in the living room taking is some Elvis music, you'll experience a home that was close to the Presley family for many years. The current owners, along with the folks at Essential Elvis UK and Arena Travel, are looking forward to welcoming you to 1266 Dolan Drive - right beside Graceland.


Essential Elvis UK has invited several wonderful guests for you to meet, at least ten in total. These are people that were closest to Elvis and we are excited that this will be the only event in Memphis that will offer several members of Elvis' actual family for you to meet. Allow us to let you know who has been invited...


Bill Morris (Shelby County Sheriff / Mayor)


On the afternoon of April 4th 1968, Bill was making an arrest on Riverside Drive in his roll as Shelby County Sheriff when he learned of the fatal shooting of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lorraine Motel. On June 9th, the assassin was captured in London and Bill escorted him back to the US personally. This historic claim to fame isn't the only reason Bill is known and respected around Memphis. His years in law enforcement and politics (Bill also served as Shelby County Mayor) are fascinating, but his close friendship with Elvis is often what people ask him about. Shortly after his term as Shelby County Sheriff (from 1964 to 1970) ended, Bill nominated Elvis to receive the Jaycee's award for the Ten Outstanding Young Men of America in January 1971. We are delighted to announce Bill as a guest.


Gene Barksdale (Shelby County Sheriff)


This incredible gentleman will be 95 years old when he attends our event. Being from a military and law enforcement background, Gene is an incredible character and he has many stories about Elvis. One of the most interesting is that he was the officer that attended the famous gas station fight on October 18th 1956 in downtown Memphis. Officer Barksdale was right there when Elvis punched the station manager, Edd Hopper. Elvis received an honorary Sheriff badge from Bill Morris in 1970, and in 1976 he asked incoming Sheriff Gene Barksdale for the same position. On September 1st 1976, Gene presented Elvis with an official Shelby County Sheriff badge. Gene last saw Elvis when he drove Ginger Alden out to Graceland in heavy snow during Christmas of 1976. Elvis awarded him a beautiful pistol for the privilege.


Billy Smith (Elvis' closest confidant / 1st cousin)

Tupelo long before the world of music was changed forever. Billy’s family traveled with the Presleys when they first moved to Memphis in November 1948 and they shared a home on Washington Street. Then, as fame hit and right after the purchase of Graceland in 1957, Billy and his family also moved in and his father worked for Elvis as a guard. As soon as Billy was old enough he also started working for Elvis, travelling with him to the West coast to where his famous cousin was making movies. Elvis virtually raised Billy, and we are beyond excited to have him with us on this special afternoon.


Tish Henley (Elvis' private nurse)

Tish lived on the grounds of Graceland, right next door to Bill Smith and his family, with her husband and two young daughters from 1972 until 1983, and often traveled with Elvis on tour as his personal nurse. She graduated from Dixie High School in 1960 and attended St. Joseph School of Nursing earning her degree in 1963 before being hired at The Medical Group in Memphis, where she worked for 40 years. In 1968 she met Elvis when he came to the clinic for treatment of saddle sores from riding horses at his Circle G Ranch in Mississippi. Tish spoke to Elvis as a nurse that day, as apposed to someone treating a famous singer. Elvis liked that, and soon he was way more than just her patient. Tish's love and kindness towards Elvis are now easily apparent when meeting this wonderful lady. Make sure you grab this chance.


JoCathy Brownlee (Elvis' girlfriend 1975)


In mid-1975 Elvis began seeing local girl JoCathy Brownlee, a junior high teacher and hostess at Memphis’s Liberty Bowl Stadium. It was here, while enjoying a game in the Mayor's box, that JoCathy caught Elvis' eye. At 4am on their first night together at Graceland, Elvis gave her a new Grand Prix car. The sun was coming up as JoCathy snaked the car down the winding driveway. She had only one thing on her mind... “How am I going to explain this to my mother?” JoCathy still lives in Memphis and is looking forward to joining us all on this very special evening.


Wayne Mann (Elvis' first cousin)


Wayne is the second of three cousins that will be present. His mother, Lilian, was Gladys Presley's sister and they also grew up in Tupelo near each other. Wayne can recall those days well, borrowing comics and hanging out with his older cousin. Just like Billy, and many others, they packed up all their belongings and moved to Memphis for a more prosperous life when Wayne was very young. One of his big claims to fame, and a very permanent reminder of those early days, if a still-visible scar of his shin, left their by Elvis' skate at the Rainbow Rollerdome during a rough game of 'war' in the mid-1950s.


Tom Morgan (Friend & Shelby County Sheriff Officer)


Tom first knew Elvis as a neighbor at Lauderdale Courts in the early 1950s. In 1976 Tom went to work at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office as Administrative Assistant to the then-Sheriff, Gene Barksdale and during his service there he had the privilege to meet Elvis again and be part of his last few months. On August 15th 1977, Tom visited Graceland to deliver a special gift to Elvis for his forthcoming tour. Sadly, within days he was working with Elvis' own security team as he patrolled the grounds of Graceland at Elvis' funeral. Weeks later, Vernon Presley requested that Tom assisted in coordinating the move of Elvis' body (along with his mother's) back to Graceland to be laid to rest for a final time.


Jo Smith (Friend / Billy Smith's wife)


This elegant lady is so much more than Billy's wife. Elvis simply adored her and enjoyed having her as part of his inner circle for so many years. Billy and Jo raised their two sons (Joey and Danny) at Graceland, and they called it their home. Elvis made sure that they felt like family, and Jo has many great stories about her years with the King. Come and hear Jo's memories of being alongside her husband and his famous cousin - nights at the movies and fun at Graceland. Jo even shared Elvis' last vacation in Hawaii in March of 1977.


Wayne Carman (Friend / Karate partner)


Grandmaster Wayne Carman was born and raised in Memphis. He began training with Elvis in the early 1970s after teaching Red West, and there are many great photographs and footage of the two enthusiasts together at the Tennessee Karate Institute in 1974. That same year Wayne worked security for Charlie Rich and became interested in the management side of the music business. He went on to manage acts such as The Blackwood Quartet and Johnny Paycheck. Wayne is the author of the well-known Elvis book, 'Elvis' Karate Legacy'.


Janet Smith (Elvis' 1st cousin)


We are once again honored to be able to give you the chance to meet yet another of Elvis' 1st cousins. Many claim to be Elvis' close relative, but on further investigation the connection is so far back that frankly, they could be anyone! As with Wayne and Billy, Janet is a 1st cousin on the Smith side of the family. Her father was Gladys' brother Johney, who was believed to have actually taught Elvis to play the guitar.



In addition to the ten (yes, count 'em!) guests advertised, we have also invited several others that were associated with Elvis throughout his career. As we often say, you never know who you might meet at an event staged by Essential Elvis UK. Expect to see well-known collectors here during this event. We will have a wonderful display of Elvis artifacts for you to see, and these will be high class and include jewelry and well-known items once worn or owned by the King himself. We are pulling out all the stops with this exciting event, and we want you to experience something that will make your time in Memphis during EW17 even more memorable. There is nothing quite like sharing time with those that knew Elvis intimately, especially his family members. So, please consider joining us.


Your ticket will enable you to come and go as much as you please over the ten hour period (2pm until midnight) and you are invited to stay for as long as you wish. The location is perfectly situated for the candlelight vigil and allows you to have a nearby 'base' to take a rest and enjoy a cold drink in the heat of the night. Naturally, tickets are very limited, as as soon as they are sold we will be unable to accommodate further requests to attend. Your tickets will be mailed to you as soon as we have them printed.


At present, Billy and Jo Smith have their slot booked between 2pm and 5pm. We will let you know the exact timings for the rest of the guests as soon as we get a little closer to the date. We believe that some will be willing to stay with us for the entire 10 hours, and most will be visiting for some time during the evening.





15th August
2pm Until Midnight





If I Can Dream Pre & Post Show Party At The O2

We are delighted to inform you that we have been busy planning another wonderful night at London's 'All Bar One' at the O2. It's a very swanky bar / restaurant just yards from the arena entrance, and we've booked the entire top floor exclusively, just as we did in 2016. This will be a great way to end this short UK tour, and what better finale than an event of this kind?


Those of you that have received issue #96 of our magazine would have seen an in-depth review and photos of the party last November. All tickets sold within a very short space of time, and many fans were disappointed with not being able to attend.


We already expect many of you to return, and we hope that those that couldn't make it will have a second chance this year.

You know what to expect from an EE:UK event. Class, quality and something to remember fondly. We create fantastic memories of wonderful times celebrating and commemorating the music and legacy of Elvis Presley.


Tickets are limited. All tickets are non-refundable.







30th November 2017


£29.95 Per Person
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